Schedule for Thai Yoga Course-Rue-Si Datton

Star 09:00-16:00 Star: 07:00-9:00 1Day 2hrs x 5Day




Level 1 Basic Course
(5 days 10 hours)
Introduction to Thai Yoga
The basic knowledge and theory of Thai Yoga
The basic postures and basic stretching in Thai Yoga style
Study all energy lines "Sen Sib" in the body of Thai Yoga
Method of Breathing, Sitting, Standing, Lying and Stretching
How to Meditation & Warm-up (12 poses)
Practice Thai Yoga Basic 51 poses (Sitting, Standing and Lying poses)
How to Warm up before standing poses. (14 poses)
How to Cool-down. (4 poses)
Learn how to relax your muscles after exercise
(Level 1/ Total 10 hours training)
Level 2 Advanced Course
(5 days 10 hours)
Practice Thai Yoga Advanced 99 poses. (Sitting, Standing and Lying poses)
Basic anatomy for Thai Yoga
Study how to check and solve physical problems by Thai Yoga stretching (Neck & Shoulder stiffness, Scapular problem, Waist & Back
Improve your skills with teacher one by one
Learn the point and main energy line of Thai Yoga Massage for treatment
Time measurement, and Time management
(Level 1, 2/ Total 20 hours training)
Level 3 Teacher Tranning Review the lesson and Improve Skill (Level 1, 2) with teacher on by one
Study high frequency of techniques
Learn how to teach Thai Yoga (Level 1, 2)
Students will gain practical experience in teaching students
Study the basic of Chiropractic for adjust a spinal bone
Learn how to check imbalance organ from spinal bone
Study how to provide guidance to your students
The revision of the week point
Test 1 day
Registered instructor can issue our certificate
Please ask us about detailed information of Re-Si Datton Instructor
(Level 1, 2, 3/ Total 30 hours training)
1 Day Course 1 Day 1.5 hr