General Therapeutic Sessions

Therapeutic Massage Khmer Massage, Thai Massage, Hot Oil Massage, Antistress Massage, 
Swedish Massage, Herbal Aromatherapy, and Hot Stone Therapy

Health & Beauty Application Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Scrub, Body Scrub
and Anti-cellulite Massage




Facial Application Complete Cleaning, Facial Scrub, Massage in Pura Vida Style, Aerosol Steaming and Vacuum, Removal of Black Spots, Special Treatment Mask, Facial Refreshment, Nourishing Treatment, Nourishing Treatment






Herbal Compress Therapy Used to fight cellulite, jet lag and revitalize a tired body and mind: Lemongrass used to sooth and invigorate a person, clearing the head and boosting the mind; Eucalyptus used as emotional refreshment, powerful antiseptic, killing germs and speeding the healing process for wounds and infections; Lavender used to relieve muscle pain, relax mind and soul; Orange used as cleaning agent and deodorizer; Coconut used to relieve muscle pain and moisturize as anti-wrinkles and promote hair healthy growth




The Academy offers sessions to individuals for relaxation and healing or classes for students to build skills and capacities in a variety of massage therapies.