Academy Beauty Sessions

If Client is a student at the Academy, all prices are automatically discounted by 10% 

The Academy advocates beauty sessions not for skin-deep purposes, but for what the treatments do to our holistic selves. I was talking with a Khmer friend recently who is suffering from low self-esteem. After hearing the way this lovely young woman was talking about herself, so blind to her own beauty, intelligence, and talents, I softly offered: “You must begin to love yourself. You have so much to offer.” She looked at me with defeated eyes and said, “How do I just love myself? What does that mean?” I explained when your self-esteem is low, the concept of loving yourself is completely foreign. You see yourself as lacking and unworthy and feel there’s nothing to love. In fact, there seems to be far more reason to loathe yourself than love yourself. Low self-esteem is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The worse you feel about yourself, the less energy and motivation you have to do what it takes to build your self-esteem around. At the Academy, we treat all sessions as therapeutic by nature – a natural step closer to loving yourself.

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