Cultural Coordination

As a student receiving Metta therapeutic certification training for anywhere from one-week to three-months, or as a client receiving specific therapeutic massages, you will need not only to relax and clear your energy fields, but also to enjoy the Khmer Way.  The Academy will coordinate your adventures in nature visits, scenic helicopter rides, visits to the ancient Angkor ruins (long and short runs), shopping at numerous open markets or the floating market on the great Tonle Sap Lake, eating world-representative cuisines, attending Khmer cooking classes, witnessing limited seating at on-stage performances, participating in short volunteer teaching assignments, or arranging intra-Cambodia or inter-country travel or simply local transportation with reliable and informative drivers.  

Cultural fee structure is modest to assist you have a well-rounded, holistic experience covering each type of event and each occurrence.

Cultural Coordination Fees are $5 per assistance per event.