Message From Mao

Rue-Si Datton (Traditional Thai Yoga) is not well-known in the West; but throughout Southeast Asia, it is practiced to prevent illnesses and treat ailments in their early stages.  The phrase means “Hermit’s Self-Stretching Exercise” as this yoga-style practice was developed by religious hermits in Thailand many centuries ago.  Originally designed to restore energy, flexibility and vitality after long periods of meditation retreat, Rue-Si Datton has become an integral part of traditional Thai health practices.  My practice is regarded as more gentle and accessible than many forms of yoga which are taught throughout the world.  It is followed by all age groups. 

Benefits include increased flexibility, improved circulation, stress release, reduction in irritability, sleeplessness and depression, improved posture and a strengthened immune system.  When I started the Academy, after six years as a practitioner, my goal was to assist people from around the world in bringing the highest quality therapies to their clients.  In this way, the world heals through a connected community of healers.  Academy students learn how to identify their own client’s needs and how to best match a therapy to specific symptoms of an individual client’s health. 

If you guarantee your performance, I guarantee your satisfaction and enjoyment in Siem Reap.