Russ Martin co-founded the Khmer Academy of Massage Therapy (KAMT) in 2015 with Ms. Mak Mao.  He provides administrative support for the Academy.  His medical support background includes five-years of serving men and women diagnosed with schizophrenia, bi-polar, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.  His community service experiences includes five-years with Cornell University in upstate-New York helping inner-city, distressed families within the Capital Region survive, and ten-years supporting American Indians in the High Plains region of the U.S., the First Peoples from the great Lakota Nation. 

He co-founded a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization in Siem Reap, the Community for Khmer Children (CKC) in 2014.  Russ designed the Green Connections Center (GCC) in 2015, which is a component within CKC. It is designed to expand human capacities for the chronically poor Khmer from remote villages throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.


GCC is both a zero footprint home and a green school, where the Khmer residents live green and teach villagers the art and science behind green living including shelter safety, food security, water purity, energy generation, waste disposal, health security and village economics.  The Academy is located on the GCC campus, where Mao conducts her certification sessions, provides individual therapy sessions, and offers career development classes for individuals evaluating a career change into the field of Massage Therapy. 

Russ encourages you consider room and board at the Academy as it will save you time, cost you very little money, minimize commute to and from classes and provide you with a memorable, possibly life-changing cultural immersion experience, by living The Khmer Way.