Green Connection Center

The Green Connection Center (GCC) model provides transformative, flexible means for Khmer villages to use sustainable technologies from sophisticated to simplified, from expensive to economical, from integrated to individualized after hands-on experiences with particular technologies and an assessment of specific village needs.  As an essential element of the proof-of-concept is the formation of five sustainable sources of on-site revenue:  a teaching site focusing on Khmer village health – directly linking greenness and health; a comprehensive spectrum of building green classes, ranging from very simple to sophisticated technologies; the sale of fish and vegetables raised in the on-site fish ponds and vertical aquaponics farm using potable water; the discounted sale of excess solar- and wind-generated energy to the public grid; and the sale of hydrogen energy pellets, one of the by-products of human waste disposal system. GCC is also the location for all on-site training for the Khmer Academy of Massage Therapy, representing an exceptional opportunity for students of the Academy to experience in-depth cultural immersion into the Khmer way of life.  It is possible for Academy students to volunteer assisting GCC staff in any or all of the following areas:   state-of-the-art renewable energies, zero or near-zero footprint building materials, advanced human waste disposal system, water pruification processes, on-site fish ponds and vertical aquaponics farm.  The goal is to teach comprehensive health practices through using green principles. Volunteerism is an excellent path to building human capacities.


         Model of Green Connections Center as of March 2016


Grand Opening  Schedule:  January 2017

The "living green" house and Green Connection Center are privately funded. External funding is being sought for the purchase, delivery, installation, support and integration of green technologies, appliances, equipment and tools to operate GCC.

In 2016, Academy classes are held at #319 Sala Kanseng Village KH Svay Dang Kum 3R, Siem Reap.  This is 250 meters from the new location of GCC.

The current location is a six bedroom villa with 8-meter by 4-meter traditional Khmer outdoor classroom. Your private room at the Academy includes private shower and toilet.