Registration for educational courses and room and board accommodations are essential for two reasons: the educational courses are intentionally personal and small to facilitate the applied learning process; there are limited room availabilities at the Green Connections Center, where Academy courses are provided.  If your intentions and plans to travel to Siem Reap are firm, please fill the electronic registration form below and the Academy will provide you a registration confirmation within 24-hours.  If you are uncertain about the dates of traveling to Siem Reap or have questions associated with the Academy’s classes or accomodations, please complete an electronic query found under the “Contact Us” section.  Our deepest appreciation is offered for your consideration of bundling a fun cultural immersion trip to Siem Reap with your self-actualization agenda of expanding your skills in the field of Massage Therapy.  The registration form may also be used while in Siem Reap for personal massage treatments.  As a student of the Academy, you receive an automatic 10% discount for these sessions.